Thank you to all the Angles for a great day of Fishing!

The winners of the Pro / Amateur is as follows:

​1st:  Dave Laffrenier       15.06 lbs

2nd: Sheldon Yuke           9.30 lbs

3rd:  Skyler Ritz                8.92 lbs

4th: Roy Newlands          8.83 lbs

5th  Bill Tripp                   8.25 lbs

Fee and Payout


Fee:  $25


Payout are for the top 5 Teams


Cash Payout to Pro and Prizes for the Amateur

Prize payout below is based on 40 teams. Cash prize will be prorated if we don't get 40 teams. 


1st:  $1200


2nd:  $1000


3rd:  $800


4th:  $600


5th:  400


Big Fish:  $800 Split between Angler and Amateur

Tuesday June 5 2018

George Street Belleville

This is a Pro / Amateur Tournament Sponsored by the Association of Ontario Road Supervisors

QFS is only accepting registration for Pro Anglers

This is a Non -Quinte Fishing Series Event

Rule and expectations for the PRO


All Pro Anglers are to provide the following on the day of the tournament.

                                                           1. Boat

                                                           2. Fuel for the Boat

                                                           3. All Fishing Equipment

                                                           4. Life Jackets

                                                           5. All SAFTEY EQUIPMENT

All Anglers must be on sight by 10:00 AM for registration and matching to Amateur

Weigh-in is at 3:00

​Maximum of 40 Boats