1. Each team will consist of 2 anglers. One angler must be 18 years of age, the second angler cannot be less than 12 years of age.  If an angler is under the age of 18 a parental consent form must be filled out prior to the tournament day. Both anglers regardless of age must have a valid boaters card.

2. Anglers that legally require a fishing licence in Ontario must hold a valid "Sport Fishing" licence. A "Conservation" licence is NOT acceptable.

3. All tournament entry fees and the annual administration fee must be paid in full with the entry form a minimum of one (1) week prior to the tournament date. Anglers will not be assigned a boat number until fees have been paid. 

4. If the QFS must cancel a tournament all fees will be reimbursed in full.  If an angler backs out of a tournament reimbersment will be at the discression of the torunament director. 

5. Unsportsmanlike like conduct will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification and tournament fees will NOT be reimbursed.

6. All boats must be a minimum of 14 ft. in length and equipped with a WORKING KILL SWITCH and a WORKING LIVEWELL. All kill switches must be attached to the drivers body while the combustion engine is running (unless at trolling speed).

7. Maximum horsepower for all outboards and inboards must not exceed the horsepower limitations set by the manufacturer's rating plate. Changing or altering standard factory parts of your motor to increase the horsepower over the factory horsepower rating is forbidden.

8. All tournament boat checks will begin at 5:45am and any boats NOT checked in by 6:50am will NOT be checked in until all boats have blasted off at 7:00am. One day tournaments will run from 7:00am to 4:00pm and on two(2) day tournaments, the second day will run from 7:00am to 3:00pm. There will be a
PENALTY OF 8oz. FOR EVERY MINUTE LATE on scheduled return. 

9. All boats must check back at designated tournament site or inform officials of their whereabouts or a five(5) point penalty will be assessed to their aggregate point total.

10. Only artificial lures may be used. No "live bait" or "prepared bait" is permitted, with the exception of the May walleye tournament. You are allowed to use pork strips and rind.

11. Pre-fishing will be allowed until 5:00pm the preceding day of the tournament. All boats MUST be off the water by that time!

12. All federal/Provincial boating and fishing regulations must be adhered to.

13. Only the species being fished for will be kept. All other species will be released immediately.

14. Possession Limits:
A. WALLEYE TOURNAMENT- Due to MNR slot size regulations these stipulations MUST be followed. Teams will be allowed to weigh in two(2) fish over 63 cm., and two(2) fish under 63 cm., but over 35.5cm(14"). Teams can weigh-in combinations of the the two sizes, but no more than two walleye over the 63 cm length. Any fish weighed in that does not fit the above criteria will be grounds for disqualification. B. BASS TOURNAMENTS - Five(5) fish per team with a minimum size of 12" "Tip to Tail" (MOUTH CLOSED). C. Any fish, walleye or bass, which is deemed short of minimum size, will not be weighed in and one(1) pound shall be deducted from the balance  of the team's weight.

15. It is at the discretion of the Tournament Director if the tournament must be delayed or cancelled for weather reasons.

16. In the case of a tie for any position, the prize for that position and the position beneath will be added together and distributed equally among the tied teams.

17. Angler/Team of the Year award will be awarded to the Angler/Team with the lowest aggregate points total for five(5) of the six(6) tournaments. Angler/Team must fish the Peter Thompson Classic to be eligible for the Angler/Team of the year award and Runner -Up prizes. The Peter Thompson Classic must count towards Angler/Team of the year and Runner-Up Awards.

Points awarded are as follows. 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points and 3rd place = 3 points, etc. In the event of a tie, ’Total Weight’ of the following will determine the winner.

Heaviest regular season 1 day tournament weight plus

Classic Weight = ‘Total Weight’

18. Tournament Waters. Tournament waters designated as “
Bay Only” consists of the waters west of the Glenora Ferry (Boats must remain west of the west pilings at both Ferry landing zones) to the entrance of the Murray Canal. Your boat cannot enter the Murray Canal. Tournament waters designated as “Lake Ontario Open” consists of all water accessible by boat from the Bay of Quinte. Locking through to others waters is not permitted

19. NO alcoholic beverages or drugs may be consumed by (or in the possession of) any angler.   If an Angler/or team is found in violation of this rule the said Angler/team will be banned from the Quinte Fishing series for 13 months from the time of the offense with no refund of tournament fees. Teams caught cheating will have their names publicly announced.

20. Fishing is prohibited within 100 ft. of another competitor's boat. No fishing is allowed within 100 yards of Ministry nets or a Marina's fuel pumps.

21. Decisions of the Tournament Director are final. No protests will be allowed after the final team weighs-in. A $50.00 deposit must be paid and is refundable only if the protest is upheld.

22. Competitors may obtain fuel or repairs from Marinas or use wash room facilities providing one (1) team member remain in the boat and cannot fish.

23. Any team disqualified for any reason will NOT receive a refund of entry fee.

24. Any taxes on any prizes/awards are the responsibility of the recipient(s).

25. If in the officials’ opinion, a fish is judged dead, you will receive the weight of the fish minus an 8oz./0.50lb penalty. Fish must be ALIVE to be eligible for the "Big Fish" award.

26. Personal flotation devices must be securely worn while travelling. PFD's do not have to be worn when trolling or at drifting speeds unless it is an inflatable style PFD. All inflatable flotation devices MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.

27. It is the responsibility of the competitors to bring fish to the weigh-in stage from the boat. 

28. Proof of boat insurance must be made available upon request. All boats must be covered by a minimum of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance. (For U.S. anglers the standard amount of insurance for the U.S. will apply). 


30. On tournament day the number of bass or walleye allowed to be in your livewell is five (5) bass or four (4) walleye. If you are caught with more than your allowable limit, your fish will be culled down starting with your biggest bass or walleye. If a team weighs-in more than their legal limit, the heaviest fish will be removed and a two (2) pound penalty will be subtracted from their total weight. 

31. Anglers are permitted to target both Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass during “Bay Only” designated waters. Anglers are permitted to target Largemouth Bass ONLY during “Lake Ontario Open” designated waters.

32. Tournament Officials reserve the right to do a thorough boat inspection to check for illegal bait(s) or other items and/or substances. Finding such item(s) will result in that team's disqualification and entry fees will not be refunded. By signing the series "Waiver", the anglers are hereby giving their consent to this inspection.

33. Peter Thompson Classic: teams are encouraged to fish five (5) tournaments, but to qualify for the Peter Thompson Classic an angler MUST have fished in a minimum of one(1) tournament.

34. In the case that the winner of the Angler/Team of the Year is also the winner of a major draw prize (prize of comparative value), only one prize will be awarded. The Angler/Team will have a choice of prize packages. The remaining unclaimed prize will be awarded to the runner up in the appropriate category. 

35. In the event of a boat breakdown a team may exchange boats at tournament headquarters
ONLY and under the supervision and direction of tournament Officials. The boat with the breakdown cannot be trailered to the headquarters for exchange purposes.

36. In the event of a boat breakdown a team, that will not be exchanging boats, can seek assistance of another team to transport their fish to headquarters to have their fish weighed. In order to do this a team
MUST FIRST call the Tournament Director and follow their directions. Failure to call the Tournament Director prior to transferring of fish may result in disqualification.

37. Challenge of Scale Accuracy/Reweigh of Fish. If a team wishes to challenge the accuracy of the scales they must pay a $50.00 deposit. A government certified 5 pound weight will be placed on the scale. If the scale is accurate then the team will lose their $50.00 deposit and the weight will stand. If the scales are not accurate the team will receive their deposit back, the scales will be tared and the fish will be reweighed. The new weight, will stand. Please note the scales are certified twice each season and the Certificate is on hand and available to be seen at every tournament.

38.  A team member must be present to claim any draw prizes awarded, otherwise it will be redrawn. 


1. All boats with an odd boat number are required to use the boat ramp and parking at Herchimer St.  All boats with an even boat number are  required to use the boat ramp and parking at George St. Blast off will still be at George St. 

2. Anglers are required to launch their boat upon arrival and not mingle in the parking lock or dock area. 

3. There will be no check in on shore. 

4. Boat checks are a “drive by” past the QFS release boat which will be anchored off George St. 

5. There will be no handouts or water provided. If anglers would like a hard copy of the rules, they must print a copy for themselves. 

6. Blast off will be a trickle start as per normal QFS operations. 

7. Boat “Flights” are spaced 30 min. apart and have a maximum of 25 boats per flight. 

8. Boats will return before their designated cutoff time and check in with the time keeper on the corner of the break wall.  Any boat not weighing in must indicated their intentions to the time keeper.  

9. Anglers will be directed one boat at a time to the West dock at George St. for weigh-in. The weigh-in will have a physical barrier from land so anglers must access it from the dock.  

10. Anglers must wear a face mask at the weigh-in and must follow social distancing protocols. 

11. One angler from the boat will bring their fish forward to be weighed in their own bag and place the fish in the open box.    

12. Once the fish are in the box the angler will step back behind a line that marks social distancing.  

13. If a big fish is to be weighed the angler will make that intent known and the basket will be put back for the angler to place the big fish in the weigh-in basket. 

14. There will be no standings board where weights will be posted at the dock. All weights will be posted electronically on the QFS website following the tournament. 

15. There will be no MC and no stage. 

16. All anglers are requested to leave their respected parking lot once they have weighed in.  (no mingling in the parking lot). 

17. All winners will be paid by e-transfer within 24 hrs of the end of the tournament.  

18. There will be no draw prizes or other handouts. 

19. All other QFS rules apply. 

20. Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification.  

QFS intention is to do as much as possible to ensure the safety of the anglers, staff and the public.