All registrations are done on-line. 

If you are fishing with the same partner for all 5 Bass tournaments you can complete 1 form for BASS.  You need will need to complete a separate registration for the Walleye tournament.


If you are fishing tournaments with different partners or are not fishing all the tournaments you will need to complete a registration for each tournament. 

Registrations are not marked as complete until payment has been received. Boat Numbers are assigned based on the date you paid.  

If you request a copy of the registration you can access your registration form at any time and make changes. This is helpful if you would like to change partners. Note: this will work for individual tournaments, but will not work if you complete the "Fishing all Bass with the SAME partner"  

You may have to look in your junk folder in your email the first time you receive your copy of the registration

You can pay by through:

  • e-transfer "" 
  • cheque
  • cash

Please mail your cheques to:

                    P.O. BOX 20037
                    BELLEVILLE, ON
                    K8N 5V1

Boat Numbers are assigned when payment is received.