Day 1 Standings

QFS is trying something new to support anglers in knowing the scoreboard while respecting social distancing and group gathering rules. 

(please work with us as we work through this new proces).

Below is a link to a live feed of the score board. 

Disclaimer:  All score will be verified for accuracy at the end of the tournament prior to determinining the winners.  

Click here for the live feed:


1st Flight is at 7:00AM Boats 1 - 22 check in time 4:00PM

2nd Flight is 7:30 BoatsAM 23 - 44 Check in time 4:30PM

FORMAT: Largemouth Only - Lake open


1st Flight 7:00AM Boats 44 - 23 Check in time 3:00PM

2nd Flight 7:30AM Boats 22 - 1 Check in time 3:30PM

​FORMAT: Largemouth and Smallmouth - Bay Only

Launch Areas:

If you have an Odd Boat Number - launch at Herchemer
If you have an Even Boat Number  - launch at George Street