Results for the Aug 23rd Tournament

Today the QFS paid back 7 spots . Congratudations to the top 7 teams.

1st Rober Webster and Carlo Anzivino: 

 Weighed in 20.26 lbs

 winning $3000

2nd Gord Routcliffe and Rick Constable:

Weighed in 19.69 lbs

winning $ 1400

3rd Colin Hunter and Blair Fitchett:

Weighed in 19.29 lbs

winning $ 750

4th Paul LeBlanc and Brian Greven:

Weighed in 18.56 lbs

winning $ 450

5th Jay Martin and Brad Arnott:

Weighed in 17.20 lbs

winning $325

6th Ryan Somerville and Tim Lloyd:

Weighed in 16.20 lbs

winning $ 250

7th Todd Timleck and Curtis Richardson:

Weighed in 15.99 lbs

winning $ 185 

Big Fish paid $960 and went to team 15 Robert Webster and Carlo Anzivino who weighed in a 5.91 lbs fish.