6th: Ryan Somerville and Keith Chesterton

Weight: 18.35 lbs

Payout: $375

4th: Carl Chesterton and Wes Donaldson

Weight: 19.20 lbs

Payout: $550


2nd: Eric Thompson and Mark Hopper

Weight: 20.29 lbs

Payout: $1700.00

8th:  Rick Bain and Joe Humenick

Weight: 17.78 lbs

Payout: $185

1st:  Mike Pratt and Matt Scero 

Weight: 21.87 lbs

Payout: $3500.00

3rd: Mike Lukashal and Cory Kinmond

Weight: 19.39 lbs

Payout: $875.00

Big Fish: Eric Thompson and Mark Hopper

Weight:  6.16 lbs

Payout: $1, 160.00

5th: Jeff MacDonald and Mike MacDonald

Weight: 18.98 lbs

Payout: $450

August 20, 2017

7th: Anthony Smith and Matt Rankin

Weight: 18.32 lbs

Payout: $275